Full AKC rights means your puppy is being sold with an AKC application that will allow this puppy to:

1. Show in AKC conformation shows
(does not guarantee conformation of dog)
2. If you decide to breed this chihuahua to another AKC registered chihuahua the puppies can also be
AKC registered.
(does not guarantee the dog will be breedable)
All of my dogs are AKC registered. This does not mean all puppies will be sold with FULL AKC
It also does not mean that all puppies will be canidated for FULL AKC rights.
Puppies change a lot until the are 1 year old and can not be guaranteed if sold prior to this age.

FULL AKC rights DOES NOT guarantee the following:
1. DOES NOT guarantee Size, color or conformation
2. DOES NOT guarantee the puppy will be breedable
3. DOES NOT guarantee the puppy will be a show canidate

Full AKC rights and puppy's sold as pets are all sold with the same health guarantee.
Please read the health guarantee carefully if you decide on buying one of my babies.

Why is FULL AKC rights more expensive?
I have spend over 15 years breeding and developing the lines I am breeding. I have spent endless
hours and many sleepless nights. Thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars purchasing dogs
from all over the world and petting them out when they didnt turn our or didnt produce what I was
***I have never gone back to a breeder and requested money back because the dog didnt turn out. As
breeders we should all know that dogs do not always turn out the way we anticipated. Most of us have
kept back our own dogs and they either didnt turn out with the best conformation or they were way too
small or too big to breed/show. So even the best of us can not always forsee how a dog will turn out.***
I have put so much dedication into getting the quality, conformation and amazing looks
of an
iLuvChihuahuas chihuahua and its not free if you want to reproduce my lines
that I worked so hard to
The risk of FULL AKC rights is on the buyer and the additional fees of full AKC rigths is non-refundable.

Not all puppies are available for full AKC rights so it must be discussed prior to purchase.

FULL AKC rights on any puppy is an additional $1000. of the price listed for each puppy.

This fee can be paid at time of sale and the AKC application will be available when the pups goes to their
new home.
The FULL AKC rights fee can be paid up to the puppys one year old birthday. The agreement of AKC
RIGHTS must be agreed upon before the puppy goes to its new home. Waiting until the pup is a year old
will allow you to analyze the pup before you spend the fee for full AKC rights.  Once the fee is paid the
AKC application will be sent to the owner. IF the buyer decides against FULL AKC the application with full
rights will not be send
Requesting FULL AKC rights means you have read and agree to the above terms and fully
understand breeder makes no guarantee on FULL AKC rights outside of the health guarantee the
puppy is being sold on. Buyer accepts all risks to FULL AKC rights.

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